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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 27, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> in that breaking news, from augusta county in central virginia abc news reporting an f-15 fighter jet crashed near stanton. live with what we know so far, chris? >> well, witnesses report
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hearing an explosion around 9:00 a.m. this morning. that explosion turns out to be an aircraft. that was the f-15 belonging to the massachusetts air national guard. we've got a photo we can show you of a smoke plume that was seen shortly after this crash occurred. a massachusetts air national guard reports losing contact with the plane around 9:05 this morning. shortly before that the pilot reported an in-flight emergency crash y have located the site and this is a picture of a massachusetts air national guard f-15 c, a single-seat fighter. the 104th fighter wing on a cross-country flight to receive an upgrade. so far there's no word on the
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condition of the pilot. we understand the hope is he is ok. we are awaiting word from the military this an. abc 7. >> chris, thank you for that report. in the meantime a former baltimore police officer could be spending time behind bars after he pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty, he killed his then girlfriend's jack russell terrier. >> this morning former police officer alex taylor pleaded guilty to a felony account after beating and choking his girlfriend's puppy back in february. girlfriend's live-in reported he killed 57-month-old jack russell terrier. the former officer sent his girlfriend a picture of the dog after he hit it in the head with a mop until it broke and then
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strangled him for soiling the carpet and later put him in a shoe box and buried him in a shallow grave. this morning after appearing in court he said get his affairs in order because he will likely face jail time. >> animal abuse will not be tolerated. pets are like members of the family. you can't abuse or neglect animals. you can't treat them cruel live and certainly can't kill them. > we reached out to taylor's attorney and said he was under a lot of stress and points the problem with the justice system when an animal's well-being is more important than a human and he could spend as little as three months behind bars but the judge made it clear he will not
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tolerate any form of animal cruelty. taylor's sentencing is set for october 8. janette raze, abc 7 news. >> and abc 7 just received text messages sent from taylor to his girlfriend about the dog. to read those head to at this morning maureen mcdonal's case is presented her husband's case rested this morning he was the former governor he said he did the best to tell the truth. a live report coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. police say the drowning of a toddler in woodbridge was a tragic accident. that toddler is identified as 20-month-old nicole moran. her family members told police they lost track of her and thought she was inside the home, later she was found unresponsive
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in their swimming pool. she was taken to the hospital where she died. police in d.c. hope to composite sketch will help them catch a man related to a sexual assault. about a week ago on mount pleasant and the other two happened near oak street and park road and in each case a woman was attacked while walking. one of the victims was stabbed. if you see this man you are asked to call police. >> as many drivers know morning commute can be rough on an ordinary day but a big mess today the road work under way from western avenue to the east-west highway. john gonzalez showed us how it caused traffic headaches in chevy chase. >> you cannot argue this has always been a beautiful sight with the running fountain and traffic is always heavy but day it has been excruciating.
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you can take a look at the backups right here at the circle and this is why. not only do you have cars but heavy equipment and road crews with maryland state highway where they have taken over the circle even heavy trucks carrying as fault are being escorted in by maryland state troopers. if you've driven through this area in the past couple of days you've noticed the major milling and paving operation. apparently more damage was discovered overnight before any of the resurfacing started on the northbound lanes of connecticut avenue and if surface underneath was found so deteriorated so the resurfacing will be completed tomorrow morning on the northbound lanes of connecticut avenue then crews will jump over to the southbound lane and that's a big headache for commuters. >> this is already a horrible circumstance to drive through and with this, you're not
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getting anywhere. in at least 30 minutes. >> some 40,000 cars come through this stretch of roadway every day and many drivers today trying to come from western avenue and east west highway basically stopped and did not have access to the circle and that will be the case for the rest of the week. so if you are coming into the city via connecticut avenue, keep in mind it's going to be a traffic nightmare as this re-paving project continues throughout the week. >> what was supposed to be a day of fun turned tragic in ocean estimate beach patrol officials say an 18-year-old swimmer drowned after he got caught up in a rip tide. it happened about an hour after lifeguards went off-duty. and cristobal isn't the only storm causing problems along american shores, in a rare double punch hurricane marie is
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causing high surf and rip currents and killed one surfer in mall but beach. some beaches could see as well as of up to 12-15 feet. now we get a check of our local weather. taking a look outside. another gorgeous day but at 80 degrees right now prepare for that heat. brian van de graaff is here with our forecast. >> up to 89 yesterday. only two 90-degree days this month. could make it three this afternoon. you mentioned the traffic. i do want to mention we are getting our latest blog up on the concern for the rip current. you can go to and click on the weather tan for more on that coming up shortly. at the golf course in alexandria. beautiful blue skies. temperatures in the low 80's in the city. 83 right now in fredericksburg, 81 in lexington park.
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a funnel system will cross later in the day and it could try to squeeze out a stray shower northwest of town but for the most part we are back into refreshing air. in the low 90's but then cooler arabic in here for the next few days. we will talk about the holiday weekend coming up. >> brian, thank you. new problems for the proposed purple line in maryland. fileing a lawsuit claiming the planned light rail route could harm animals. >> the tiny shh rimp-like creatures but could pose a problem for the purple line connecting bethesda to carolton. >> i don't know why we are caught in a fight between one or the other. when it's really not necessary. lawsuit up filed a
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against the federal government claiming a 16-mile light rail would do environmental harm. the current plan for the purple line would hurt the tiny species that live in water along the trail. >> they claim the deforest asian that would happen, much would happen right here east of connecticut near cokeland run and concerned because of that and the construction that it would that were species' habitat. >> so they want them to reevaluate the overall impact specifically on these species or re-route the line altogether. but according to reports u.s. fish and wild life service has already said it would not harm an endangered species. >> on the one hand, i understand the utility of having a variety of transportation options that we don't have now. but on the other, i love this trail, and my family and i have used it for years and would like to continue to use it for years,
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the en with the plans, path would be, you know, substantially occur tailed and be smaller. >> resident bob says there's more than just one option for this stretch of the land between bethesda and silver springs. >> i would propose the purple line to go ahead and at the same time for all of us to continue to enjoy the trail. >> they hope to hear something from federal officials in the coming months and additional legal options are look -- being looked at. in chevy chase, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon questions raised after a tragic accident. how did a 9-year-old girl kill a man with an oozy? and a journalist held captive two years is finally back home in the u.s.
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>> a girl zefpblely shoots and kills an instructor at a gun range in arizona. the final moments leading up to the tragedy were all caught on cell phone video. he was showing her how to shoot an uzi and it kicked back and shot a bullet right into his head. this adds the debate over guns and children. >> well what's in the criteria is 8 years old. we instruct as young as 5 and
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they don't tip handle but they are under the supervision of their parents and range masters. >> the shooting range is now back open. the accident is still under investigation. the american journalist freed by militants in syria is now back home in the u.s. peter theo curtis is beginning his first day at home in boston after reuniting with his mother. curtis' release comes days after militants executed fellow journalist james foley. >> federal investigators are trying to learn more about the death of an american man killed in syria while fighting alongside a terrorist group. he was born in illinois and raised in minnesota. his you think says he converted to islam several years ago but his family said they never imagined he would become a jihad iy. >> the white house says
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president obama is close to making a decision on whether or not to target isil. a look at how the terrorist group is becoming a growing threat. >> in some ways the message couldn't be more clear. the group known as the islamic -- isis iciss has been is clear about its goals from the beheading of american journalist james foley to pictures on twitter of the -- under the hash tag a message from isis to the u.s. >> folks along the afghan-pakistan border. there's no way more you have to express their street credentials among the jihaddy community than an attack against the u.s. >> money used to pay its
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soldiers. including from all over europe hundreds believed to be in the route to the united states. reports show the islamic state with at least $2 billion in its coffers stemming from ransom payments, donations and other states under its control. >> last tweak f.b.i. issued a report saying there's no credible specific threat at the u.s. at this time still no one denies the growing of isis and they have said time and time again that they have global ambitions. fwoigs y they have am ultimatelyllies, and they want to spring board it to a path to the united states. >> he stays threat needs to be dealt with not only in iraq but in syria as well. a new round of military
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intervention is needed as the u.s. is now weighing. the threat now front and center. members of congress are preparing to return to washington. >> we should, in my view, look at isis as a direct threat to the united states and a direct threat to the region that cannot be accommodated. the strategy has to meet the threat. >> all right. time now to get a check of the forecast. already increasing in the immediate area. >> it's going to get a little hot today but back down in the 80's tomorrow and friday. over the weekend a lot of communities, this is the last weekend at the pool so why not? >> this is congressional country club in bethesda and notice a little fog early to start off then lit fill back in whoa! for a second you can't see the course. now we're back and some sunshine and it's absolutely spectacular
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throughout with all that sunshine and really looks great. dry out there. no rainfall and temperatures continue to climb. with that shift to the south we're going pull up milder air with that push coming up from the south and the west. manassas checking in. we're warming up a bit and in the afternoon we will get close to the low 90's. 89 degrees yesterday. think we could crest that 90-degree mark this afternoon. a few clouds out there to the north and west but nothing producing any rain. there's isolated chances as far as drops across the area but this front is a fairly dry front. there's just not much moisture in front of it. ere could be a stray shower, but most of the moisture falls apart during the evening. cooler air replaces it as early as tomorrow.
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the category one storm this storm continues its trek staying off the coastline of the u.s. and deadly consequences from hat rip current. this afternoon, that isolated storm threat into the evening but not looking widespread then tomorrow carrying into friday cooler air moves back in. you can open up the windows at night again before the heat builds as we head towards the upcoming weekend. eart 90 if not right below 90. looking beyond the next two days we see a resurgence of heat throughout holiday weekend. nothing that will cause you to have to cancel or change any plans. >> welcome back summer. >> yes. >> ryan, thank you. still ahead here on abc 7 news at noon, b.e.t. has learned not
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to mess with the beehive, the joke
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odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning it a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend using polident. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. >> a handsome farmer from iowa will become abc's next bachelor. the announcement was made on "good morning america." he says he believes he can find love again on tv. he made it to the final rose but was eliminated. be sure to catch the bachelor when it returns here in january on abc 7. >> to entertainment news, the young homeless man who was miley
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cyrus' date to the v.m.a.'s has arrest warrant after he violated probation following a particularry case. he gained worldwide attention after miley cyrus let him accept her v.m.a. award. and the b.e.t. network is apologizing for a bad hair joke it made about jay-z and beyonce's daughter. they said her die-hard fans known as the bee hide signed a etition to deport tran but a b.e.t. represent i said the joke was added at the last minute and tran stayed same thing.
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>> all right, time to get a check of that forecast. hot out there. >> hot and cooler tomorrow and friday. not a bad way to round out the week. isolated storm possible tonight. over the weekend heat and humidity will build. it will get a little bit stickier. we could get a later storm on sunday and monday. most of us will stay dry. >> brian, thank you, and thank you for joining us this mid day.
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